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Dealing with Fouls

Dealing with fouls whilst playing Ultimate is a huge contributor to how smoothly and cleanly a game can be played. With this in mind, the first key to knowing how to deal with fouls is to know the rules. I have seen it many times, people get fouled so badly but the person fouled doesn’t […]

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The FUTURE of ultimatelyfrisbee

I have been thinking about the future quite recently. Thinking about where my life is heading and where the things that I am creating such as this business will end up. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting on the job before it has even started. I am just trying to have a few things in place for the […]

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OWN Jozi 2018

OWN JOZI 2018 It’s been a while since this tournament played out. So… this is a bit late and I’m sorry about that but I have been quite busy ever since. This was actually the first Nationals Tournament I went to as I am still very new to this sport. But despite my lack of experience and […]

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Need to know Ultimate Terminology

LAYOUT Basically another word for a bid. A layout is more when you are running and dive forward with two hands out sliding flat on your chest to catch or block the disc. A bid is a more broad term meaning ANY type of dive.

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Spirit of the Game is everything in Ultimate

When playing ultimate, there is no referee to declare fouls, travels and even points. This is all done by the players playing the game. Each player is also a referee when playing the game. Each player has to keep the spirit of the game in the game.

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