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Dealing with Fouls

Dealing with fouls whilst playing Ultimate is a huge contributor to how smoothly and cleanly a game can be played.

With this in mind, the first key to knowing how to deal with fouls is to know the rules. I have seen it many times, people get fouled so badly but the person fouled doesn’t know and won’t call foul because they don’t want to stand out as a fool. My advice to these people: call a foul if you think there is one. If it wasn’t a foul, then the worst that can happen is that you will be told that what you called wasn’t a foul and be taught what and what isn’t accepted as a foul.

Here is a link to the rules laid down by WFDF:

And then when people know the rules and call fouls is a completely different (flat) ball game. They try to manipulate and use the rules to create an advantage for themselves. They call small little fouls that barely affected play in order to get the disc. I feel that this is a direct violation of the spirit of the game and shows a lack of sportsmanship (and a lack of backbone). People who do this should be pulled aside and given a firm to not violate game rules again.

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I know it was short but I am still trying to get back into the whole blogging thing this year.


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