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The FUTURE of ultimatelyfrisbee

I have been thinking about the future quite recently. Thinking about where my life is heading and where the things that I am creating such as this business will end up. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting on the job before it has even started. I am just trying to have a few things in place for the future. Saying this, let me tell you of what I am thinking of doing……..

I don’t want my business to always be latched onto a mother figure like Amazon as I am now. I want to establish my business as an independent entity with its own choices, freedom and difficulties. This is going to take some hard work as I still want to learn and grow stronger under a motherly figure like Amazon. But the plan is, to have a free-standing business that can help grow the ultimate frisbee community in South Africa.

My plan is to one day be able to sell flying discs directly and to maybe even open a store or stores one day to sell items especially for people who love to play ultimate. That is my dream and hope.

This is a bit short but it sums up most of what I want to say. Thanks for reading 🙂

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