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OWN Jozi 2018


It’s been a while since this tournament played out. So… this is a bit late and I’m sorry about that but I have been quite busy ever since.

This was actually the first Nationals Tournament I went to as I am still very new to this sport. But despite my lack of experience and physical fitness, I found myself playing for the hosts of this year’s nationals event. The Wits Banterlopes, the team to be on. Even though all of us were really young, we made the best of our games and always aspired to play better in our next.

Due to this tournament being held in Joburg and me being from Durban,  I found it particularly hard to breathe while I played. Durban is a lot lower than Joburg and also has a higher humidity due to this. This causes the air in Durban to be a lot ‘richer’ and makes Joburg have ‘thinner air’. But it also goes the other way round too. If a person from Joburg came to Durban, they might think that they are being suffocated by so much air. That’s one of the difficulties I faced during this tournament(if I can classify that as a difficulty) other than my lack of fitness.

We played 6 matches in the 2 days over which this tournament was held. Each game lasted about 2 hours and sometimes longer. On our first day, we played teams that were much more experienced, older and taller than us. This proved to be difficult in most instances, but we persisted and made it a bit more difficult for teams to beat us. Despite all this, we had some great moments, some layouts and some awesome ultimate. My team taught me a lot more than people thought, they taught me to persist even when the odds were against us.

A big shout out must go out to the man we called ‘captain my captain'(if he is reading this, he knows who he is). Thank you for encouraging and egging us on right until the end. You deserve a trophy.

Other than that ‘difficulty’, the whole tournament was great fun and taught me so much. I can’t wait to play in more tournaments to gain more experience, more friends and more good vibes.

This tournament has set a standard for the rest of the tournaments that I will attend. It was great fun and full of lessons for me. All tournaments from now on will get better and better. I hope to increase in experience, to gain more friends and to continue to find good vibes where i find ultimate people.  But I will never forget my first tournament.

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