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Need to know Ultimate Terminology


Basically another word for a bid. A layout is more when you are running and dive forward with two hands out sliding flat on your chest to catch or block the disc. A bid is a more broad term meaning ANY type of dive.


A long throw down field. Huck may be spelled differently depending on the country you play.


Usually yelled out to a player that needs to jump great lengths to get the disc. It is simply motivation for said player to get bigger (or higher). The combination of the words “get” and “big” have been used since ancient times to positively promote increased elevation when snagging the sweet circular object from the heavens.


Essentially the greatest play in Ultimate. It is when the disc gets thrown out-of-bounds, before the disc touches the ground a receiving player jumps from in-bounds, catches the disc in the air, and throws in back into play before he/she lands. If JUST that is done, it’s awesome. But if another player then catches it resuming play with no turnover, it’s even more awesome. And if you catch the disc in the end zone after the Greatest you will be nothing short of a legend.


Some leagues do not allow this. It is how it sounds, a block with a foot. Make sure to check with the league or tournament rules before doing a foot block.


Just like in Football. In outdoor Ultimate the end zones are 25 yards deep. These dimensions can be altered as long as both end zones are equal. A player must catch the disc in the end zone to score a point.


Passing it back to someone behind you, usually a handler.


What us Ultimate players use in games is an official sports-disc, not a frisbee. The word “Frisbee” is actually a trademarked name of Wham-O. It is equivalent to referring to any car as a Honda, instead of using just the word “car.” In this example, “car” is a sports-disc and “Honda” is a frisbee. It is just something we have come to call the round plastic thing we throw around.   If you want to join the Ultimate culture you will have to replace the word “frisbee” with “disc.” An official Ultimate sports disc is 175 grams and the official mold governed by USA Ultimate is made by Discraft or Innova. This is an Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc.


Stands for “Defense.”  Another commonly used expression is “Catch your D’s” meaning instead of just slapping the disc away for a defense, catch the disc. This will eliminate the chance of you slapping the disc into the hands of your opponent, which happens pretty frequently.


A not-so-common type of throw that can be used in special situations.


Someone who doesn’t move much and just stays in the end zone waiting for a long throw. This is typically frowned upon.


The awkward flight path of a hammer throw if thrown wrong. A hammer should only curve once and land on the top of the disc. A corkscrew is when it curves twice forming a double-helix making it very hard to read and catch.


Essentially one of the greatest and prestigious plays in Ultimate. It is when you catch opponents pass in his/her end zone resulting in a point for the catchers’ team. This rarely ever happens, ever.


A type of catch where a player claps his/her hands on the top and bottom of the disc. This is the most secure way to catch but severely limits one’s reach.


In outdoor Ultimate, there are 7 players on the field. A full team usually consists of around 10-15+ players giving everyone a chance to sub and rest. A team that is going Savage is a full team that only has 7 players all together. No subs. It’s rough, really rough.


A type of throw commonly used in tight situations.


When two opposing players jump up to try and catch the disc and one of those players jumps significantly higher than the other making the catch. One would say “Good catch man, you totally skied that kid.”


A word no disc owner wants to hear. It is a term for a warped disc. Usually caused by an intense Blade or just overuse. It’s a horrible feeling if your brand new disc gets taco’d.


Another throw that is thrown using the thumb and resembles the flight path of a hammer throw.


Is a type of foul. When holding the disc you cannot move (you’re allowed to slow down to a stop if caught while running). Traveling is similar to Basketball. You must establish a pivot foot in which you can swing your body back and forth on. If you throw righty you would usually plant your left foot to pivot on. A travel is when your pivot foot lifts off the ground before you throw the disc


The last point of the game. Basically means that whichever teams score the next point, we are going home. Mostly used in Pick-Up games.


A defensive or offensive player will call UP! when the disc has been thrown to let the entire team know a throw was made.

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    Shea Erasmus

    August 3, 2018

    I am somewhat of a… noob when it comes to anything sport and always thought that frisbee was just people throwing a disc at each other. This has really made it clear how wrong I was, frisbee is a complex sport.

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